Conference Programme


Back Pain Without Brain Pain

Apr 21, 2020
Clinical Theater 1

A 6 year old dog with acute onset back pain may not have a disc herniation! Fibrocartilagenous emboli, discospondylitis, and meningomyelitis can present with identical history and examination findings to a dog with a disc herniation and yet surgery is not the treatment of choice for these other diseases. Come prepared to discuss these different diseases and learn tricks to differentiating them from disc hernations, as well as cutting edge medical management for each disease. This case-based format is designed to encourage discussion and dialog about these ‘great pretenders’ of the back.

  • * Build a complete differential diagnoses list for spinal pain
  • * Gain understanding on sources of pain, and how to manage them
  • * Discuss treatment options for spinal pain
Heidi Barnes Heller, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), Veterinary Neurologist/Neurosurgeon - Barnes Veterinary Specialty Services, LLC