Conference Programme


Clearing the Fog: Differentiating Cataracts & Nuclear Sclerosis

Apr 20, 2020
Clinical Theater 2

There a several simple ways that a cataracts and nuclear sclerosis can be differentiated from one another. This lecture will emphasis examination strategies that will help you guide clients toward topical therapies for cataract-related inflammation, cataract surgery referral, or simply doing nothing for age related changes of the lens.

  • Attending this lecture should help to develop the following skills
  • 1. Identify signalment and history that support either nuclear sclerosis or cataract
  • 2. Using retroillumination to differentiate nuclear sclerosis from cataracts
  • 3. Correlate vision status and exam findings for the purpose of therapy or referral
Lucien Vallone, DVM, DACVO, Clinical Assistant Professor - Texas A&M University