Conference Programme


Rx for Success: Partnering with a Pharmacist

Apr 20, 2020
Innovation Showcase

Collaborative relationships between veterinarians and pharmacists can improve veterinary health care outcomes. This session will provide insight into developing positive relationships with pharmacists who fill pet prescriptions in a community pharmacy setting. Get ready for some great clinical pearls mixed with a dash of humor that will equip you for working with pharmacists!

  • Discuss clinical pearls that will facilitate safe medicine use practices when outsourcing prescriptions.
  • Recall strategies for communicating prescriptions to pharmacists to ensure patient safety.
  • Name the required elements that must written on a prescription.
  • Summarize the professional services that pharmacists can provide for practicing veterinarians.
Elaine Blythe, PharmD, Associate Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology - St. Matthews University School of Veterinary Medicine