Conference Programme


Feel It In Their Bones: The Everyday Orthopedic Exam Kit

Apr 21, 2020
Clinical Theater 1

This talk will summarize and describe the basic orthopedic examination using pictures and videos as well as detailed descriptions. The goal of the talk is to teach the participants how to perform a thorough orthopedic examination in a systematic fashion that helps to make sure no abnormalities are missed, as well as summarize the orthopedic disease processes that result in specific orthopedic exam abnormalities. Participants should leave this presentation with an understanding of why it is important to perform a complete orthopedic examination on any patient presenting for lameness evaluation, a knowledge of what a complete orthopedic examination consists of, and an understanding of how to interpret their findings during the orthopedic examination.

  • Understand what the complete orthopedic exam consists of and how to perform a thorough orthopedic exam.
  • Why it is important to perform a complete orthopedic exam on every patient presenting for lameness evaluation.
  • Understand how to interpret the findings of an orthopedic examination.
Caleb Hudson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS-SA, Veterinary Surgeon - Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists