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GDV? OMG! Evidence-Based Prophylactic Gastropexy

Apr 20, 2020
Clinical Theater 2
Soft Tissue Surgery

Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is a common and potentially catastrophic disease of large and giant-breed dogs. Treatment of GDV includes medical stabilization followed by surgical repositioning of the stomach in its normal anatomic position. To prevent occurrence, a prophylactic gastropexy is used to securely adhere the stomach to the body wall. Prophylactic gastropexy should be strongly considered in dogs of at-risk breeds. Although there are numerous techniques described, incisional gastropexy is currently the most commonly performed method of surgical gastropexy in dogs. Gastropexy can be performed as part of an open surgical approach to the abdomen or using a minimally invasive technique.
This lecture will provide scientific based evidences for performing prophylactic gastropexy, useful surgical tricks to improve efficiency and finally some minimal invasive approaches to gastropexy.

  • - Evidence for performing prophylactic gastropexy
  • - Tricks to improve efficiency when performing an open incisional gastropexy
  • - Minimally invasive approaches to gastropexy
Vincent Wavreille, DVM, MS, MRCVS, DACVS, Assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology - The Ohio State University