Conference Programme


Smartphone Ophthalmology: Simple Techniques for General Practice

Apr 20, 2020
Clinical Theater 1

Ophthalmology is a medical discipline that rewards those who have a strong foundation in pattern-based disease recognition. This skill is reinforced quickly when the examiner is able to consistently visualize and photograph ophthalmic lesions. Obtaining magnified, high-resolution images of the anterior segment and ocular fundus allows the examiner to study the disease at hand more intensively. Further, photographs provide the general practitioner with the opportunity to consult with colleagues and/or ophthalmologists, to bolster the medical record with an accurate representation of disease, and to engage with clients more effectively. The concepts in this presentation will emphasize smartphone photography with an emphasis on ophthalmic photography in general

  • Attending this lecture should help to develop the following skills:
  • 1. Obtain highly magnified images of the eye with your smartphone, without accessory attachments
  • 2. Obtain highly magnified images of the eye with your smartphone, with an inexpensive accessory attachment (i.e. macrolens)
  • 3. Identify at least 2 methods of obtaining fundus photographs or videos with your smartphone
Lucien Vallone, DVM, DACVO, Clinical Assistant Professor - Texas A&M University