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Strategies You Can Utilize Now: Improving Your Approach Osteoarthritis

Apr 21, 2020
Clinical Theater 2

This talk will briefly summarize current knowledge regarding etiology of osteoarthritis and synovitis in dogs and cats and will then cover current medical management options for arthritis as well as providing an overview of tools that can be utilized by clinicians and pet owners to assess the outcomes of treatment for osteoarthritis. Categories of therapies that will be discussed will include diet, neutraceuticals, omega 3 fatty acids, chondroprotective agents, cannabinoids, joint injections, analgesic drugs, and physical rehabilitation. Outcome assessment tools that will be discussed will include forceplate/gait mats as well as pain scales. Participants should leave this talk with an up to date understanding of the categories of therapy options available to treat osteoarthritis as well as the expected outcomes with the different therapy options and a knowledge of how to go about assessing if the treatments being instituted are working effectively.

  • Understand why osteoarthritis is a disease that must be managed for the life or most dogs and cats
  • Discover what the most effective treatment options are for osteoarthritis
  • Understand how to assess the outcomes of therapy for osteoarthritis
Caleb Hudson, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS-SA, Veterinary Surgeon - Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists