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A Practice Owner's Game Plan to Building a Profitable Practice & Personal Financial Success

Apr 21, 2020
Innovation Showcase
Practice Management

Professional Practice Owners take enormous risks and work hard to attain success. As the practice starts to become profitable and expansion becomes imminent, the owner spends more time and money to help move the business to the next level and sacrifices even more leaving him or her in personal financial distress and exhaustion. At this juncture it becomes apparent there can be a disconnection between the viability of a successful practice and the owner’s personal wealth. This presentation exposes the obstacles that prevent practice expansion and personal financial success for the practice owner and presents a game plan on what can be done to create an owner-independent practice and translate the practice profits into the owner’s household seamlessly and efficiently. This financial training is delivered in an easy-to understand method, stripping away the difficulties of complicated solutions giving attendees solutions to begin organizing their financial life successfully.

  • During this POWER packed talk they will learn concepts to help create a more profitable household and practice:
  • What are the 7 Zones of Financial Freedom and how you measure where you are and want to go?
  • What 3 Roles you play and how each role effects your financial success?
  • A mindset shift on how to view your household and how to translate practice profits to household wealth.
  • How to maximize the value of the practice at any phase of ownership.
  • What obstacles stand in the way of your personal financial success and who
Eric S. Miller, , Chief Financial Advisor & Co-Owner - Econologics Financial Advisors