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The Secret to Finding, Hiring, and Keeping Really Good DVMs

Apr 20, 2020
Veterinary Business Theater

With over 3000 DVMs retiring each year, a new generation of DVMs rightly fully concerned about “Work-Life Balance” and Corporate'sflexing big hiring muscle, it’s become a major problem for owners of small private practices to attract, hire, and keep the right DVMs on their team.  Join Dr. Joel Parker for a rousing session detailing out for private-practice owners exactly what can and is successfully being done to staff up a team of A-players.  Workable strategies from basic A-team characteristics, to where to find applicants, to working interviews, to hiring and onboarding, and what knowing exactly new DVMs need and want to keep them happy and with you for many years will be presented. 

  • What YOU need to be to attract A-player DVMs
  • How to use online social media and databases to attract DVMs
  • A successful working interview
  • The 4 things new DVMs are looking for
Joel Parker, BSc, DVM, President and Co-Founder - Veterinary Practice Solutions