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Rattlesnake Envenomation: A Discussion of Current Products and Technology

Apr 21, 2020
Innovation Showcase

Historically, snake bite envenomation patients in the veterinary field have faced delayed treatment with the use of lyophilized antivenom product. This traditional treatment, as well as a newer frozen plasma product, utilize a whole IgG antibody formulation, which increases the risk of anaphylactic reactions. The newer technology of purified liquid polyvalent F(ab')2 antivenom, incorporated in the product Venom Vet, greatly increases the speed of treatment, which can significantly improve patient prognosis, while minimizing the risks of anaphylactic reactions and adverse side effects.

  • Comparison of pros and cons of 3 different methods of treatment of rattlesnake envenomation.
  • Review of immunology in regards to the differences between whole IgG and purified IgG products.
  • The use of the standardized Snakebite Severity Score (SSS) in evaluating patient status, which may then also be used to objectively gauge response to treatment and potential prognosis.
Gena Broussard, DVM, B.S. Zoology, Small Animal General Practitioner - Self-employed