Conference Programme


The Evolution of Food for Pets

Apr 21, 2020
Innovation Showcase

An exploration of the consumer driven evolution of “pet food” to food for pets.  An overview of why pet parents believe what they do about the pet food industry. A review of some truths and myths and a look at early evidence-based research demonstrating why feeding a balanced diet made fresh with real ingredients is driving a higher standard of practice among progressive veterinarians and fueling the movement to improve how we feed our pets (and perhaps ourselves).

  • Be introduced to the consumer driven “Evolution of Food for Pets”
  • Understand the role of the FDA, USDA, and AAFCO as it relates to the current state of the pet food industry, some trends, strengths and limitations
  • Appreciate how public awareness and education about the industry is driving the Evolution through a more thorough understanding of the difference between food and feed ingredients
  • Review early research on digestibility and toxicology as it relates to fresh whole food diets, and feed grade grain and feed grade grain free diets.
Oscar Chavez, BVETMED, MRCVS, MBA, Chief Medical Officer - Just Food For Dogs