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A Common Sense Approach to: Lawsuit Prevention, Tax Reduction, & License Protection

Apr 20, 2020
Innovation Showcase
Practice Management

Veterinarians provide care in high-risk environments that make them targets in our legal system. Unfortunately, legal entanglements in healthcare are all but inevitable and too often we see good people’s careers and lives ruined without just cause. Our course will take you through two crucial cases illustrating principles of general liability, medical malpractice, and state board procedures.

Attendees will learn about corporate and legal structures and where they may be personally vulnerable.  Our course teaches which legal entities can protect personal and business assets, and how to build professional license safeguards into their legal structures.  This type of legal structuring can also open the door to valuable tax benefits.

  • Keep their name and license off of the NPDB.
  • Eliminate costly legal fees associated with lawsuits.
  • Protect their earning power.
  • Utilize proven tax strategies.
Leland McKay, , Presenter - Legally Mine, Inc