Conference Programme


The Struggle is Real - 5 Things Causing the Most Angst for Running a Veterinary Practice and How to Solve Them

Apr 20, 2020
Innovation Showcase
Practice Management


GeniusVets works with many of the top performing practices in the country and will be sharing what these practices are doing to address these issues – and thrive. Practice owners and managers will get actionable, evidence-based strategies, presented by a top-performing DVM and practice owner, and digital marketing executive.

  • Bad Reviews and how to defend yourself
  • Labor Shortage – how to attract and retain quality associates and staff
  • Dealing with “Dr. Google” – customers have changed where they get their information
  • Profitability – getting new clients and retaining current ones
  • Consolidation – how it’s impacting independents and what to do about it
Michele Drake, DVM, Owner/Co-Founder, Chief Veterinary Officer - The Drake Center for Veterinary Care/Genius Vets
David Hall, , Co-Founder, Chief Strategist - GeniusVets