Conference Programme


Groundbreaking New OA Treatment That Breaks the Inflammatory Cycle

Apr 20, 2020
Innovation Showcase

The management of the chronic pain and inflammation of canine osteoarthritis is a common and significant challenge for practitioners.  Come learn about an exciting new transformational treatment that uses the novel radioisotope tin 117m (Synovetin OA™) to safely target the source of inflammation for long-lasting results

  • Participants will learn:
  • The role of synovitis in OA, the science behind the micro-environment of the joint and synovium as a target for therapeutic intervention and long term results.
  • The attributes and mechanism of action of the highly innovative radioisotope tin 117m, and the long history of safe use of radioisotopes to treat arthritis in people.
  • The outstanding efficacy, safety, and overall treatment experience using Synovetin OA from a lead clinical investigator.
Michelle Fabiani, DVM, DACVR, Department Leader Diagnostic Imaging, Director of Interventional Radiology - Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists
Nigel Stevenson, BSc, PhD, Chief Commercial Officer/President - Exubrion Therapeutics/World Council on Isotopes
Steven M. Fox, MS, DVM, MBA, PhD, Senior Veterinarian - Exubrion Therapeutics