Conference Programme


The Role of the Micriobiome in Companion Animal Health and Disease

Apr 21, 2020
Innovation Showcase

This session will review the academic literature on the role of the gut microbiome in digestive, immune, brain, and respiratory health. We will discuss research that supports the presence of a taxonomically defined core microbiome in healthy cats and dogs, and the utility of microbiome testing in veterinary medicine. Microbiome composition has potential to identify individuals who are at risk of developing certain chronic health conditions and may provide opportunities for interventions for treatment and prevention. Lastly, we will review current medical and dietary interventions to manipulate microbiome composition.

  • How to define the microbiome and describe the roles it can play in animal health
  • Review support for a core healthy microbiome in cats and dogs
  • How the microbiome is altered in association with chronic and infectious diseases
  • Current medical and dietary interventions to manipulate microbiome composition
Holly Ganz, PhD, Chief Science Officer - AnimalBiome