Conference Programme


The Microbiome & Probiotic Use: A Practical Primer

Apr 20, 2020
Clinical Theater 2
Internal Medicine

With the advent of new therapies on the veterinary market for “dysbiosis” and the increasing discovery of the role of the microbiome as both the cause and target for disease, probiotics are commonly used in veterinary medicine. In this one hour seminar, we review advantages and disadvantages to their use and their potential place in the treatment of GI diseases.

  • 1. The attendee will be able to define microbiome and dysbiosis.
  • 2. The attendee will understand how to use diagnostic tests that can signal the presence of dysbiosis.
  • 3. The attendee will understand the advantages and disadvantages of probiotic use.
M. Katherine Tolbert, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM), Clinical Associate Professor - Texas A&M University