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Thumbs, Hearts, & Eyes: Practical Practice Social Media

Apr 21, 2020
Veterinary Business Theater
Social Media Management

Making social media a priority, or even a thought, can be tough in between appointments, surgeries, owner call backs, and the litany of other tasks on every veterinarian’s daily to-do list. Reaching clients online, however, can increase client loyalty, patient visits and revenue. Most importantly, our content can lead to better-educated pet owners and in turn, healthier pets. Get real-world hacks to use in your practice to save you time and energy, but still crank out the content that can bring value to your clients and your career.

  • -Identify the variety of digital touchpoints in which practices can communicate with clients
  • -Learn hacks and shortcuts to save time and improve efficiency
  • -Learn to utilize materials already in your practice to create content
  • -Strategies to improve and measure marketing’s time, money and energy ROI
Caitlin DeWilde, DVM, CEO And Founder - The Social DVM, LLC